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Please continue with this review and see how the technical specifications and supplemental materials stack upDetroit Metal City retains much of the humor from the comic, but it also follows the now-trendy, over-the-top style of humor made popular by Kankuro Kudo that also recalls the golden days of Hong Kong mo lei tau comediesHis goal is to become a folk singer-songwriter, the kind that strums acoustic guitars and brings joy to the world with cheery songsDetroit Metal City is one of the most currently successful bands in Japans indie music scene, which makes Soichi all the more terrified by the thuggish, cement-headed hardcore fans it has attracted, who think that his alter ego Krauser is real and spends his spare time destroying, killing and raping instead of listening to Shibuya-kei singer Kahimi Karies CDs (not a fictitious character; check her stuff out)While Matsuyama's performance is not of award-winning caliber (subtlety has no place in the world of Detroit Metal City anyway), it's easily the best of his young careerHowever, the humour hinges mainly on the characters and the missile-grade lampooning of the music scene

SYNOPSIS:Oh, and his love interest doesnt like DMC either, so theres that monkey wrench thrown in for good measure.He likes to write a lot, as you can seeTheres nothing really big and bold about the style and color palette of the seriesMatsuyama plays Negishi, an innocent country bumpkin who goes to school in Tokyo to pursue his dream as an easy-listening pop star (He specifically mentions Kahimi Karie and her French-style J-pop as his inspiration)Clean Opening Animation (HD) Sentai Trailers (HD) The Definitive Word Overall: [Rating:2.5/5] Detroit Metal City was fun to a certain extentYour browser will redirect to your requested content shortly.The music? Since this is a comedy about music, every song you hear is served heavily smothered in cheese sauce, especially the themesPackaging: I didnt care for the DVD packaging for this release with it being just a closeup of Krauser and the logo, so Im glad this one works better

What They Say: Get ready for the ear-splittingest, skull-smashingest band to ever assault your senses! Led by phallus-waving terrorist-from-hell Johannes Krauser II (guitar/vocals,) and given pulsing, throbbing life by indestructible drummer Camus and bassist Alexander Jagi, theyre Detroit Metal City, the hottest ticket on the concert circuit! Theres just one catchFor more details, please refer to our return policy.Blu-ray Discs are exclusively compatible with Blu-ray Disc players, and cannot be played on conventional DVD players or HD DVD players.This product will not be shipped to JapanEverything has a bigger and more full sound to it here as it blasts out and fans of the music will definitely like thisPlease click on a keyword to search for similar itemsHowever, since Detroit Metal City's music would likely inspire more crimes than dreams in real life, one wonders how serious the creators really are about their message

Product Information Director: Lee Toshio "Detroit Metal City", a manga written by Kiminori Wakasugi, has been drawing a great deal of attention among the young generationThe summary covers things pretty well and theres a fun tagline along the top that sells the show wellIt's necessary to hedge that aspect ratio information, though, for as detailed above, the series exploits a panoply of framing devices where an overall 16:9 frame is variously dividedNo, Soichi is a bit of a whiner and he doesnt know how to tell the woman that he loves that he fronts a satanic metal bandReleased By: Sentai Filmworks Aspect Ratio: 16:9 Anamorphic Widescreen / 1080p Audio: Japanese DTS HD Master Audio 2.0 Running Time: 150 minutes Rating: TV MA Release Date: 12/16/2014 Reviewed By: Neil Ellard Theres no real beginning or end to the story, but the last episode closes things out with an appropriately inappropriate story1 part 2, in that order, no lossIt's ripe territory, to be sure, but the anime takes things to hyperbolic levels from the get go, both with regard to its fairly nebulous storyline and (perhaps more so) with regard to its often lunatic presentation style, where a kind of floating aperture means that any given scene may play out in a variety of animation styles and aspect ratios f44c5aec2f
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